Decentralized mutual credit system based on Ethereum smart contracts.
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Decentralized mutual credit system based on Ethereum smart contracts.

For the moment this is an implementation of a Proof of Concept.

reciprokaWallet reciprokaWallet


  • Smart contracts
    • Ethereum Solidity
  • Frontend wallet app
    • Reactjs
  • Reputation Authority
    • Go lang


Each user connects to reciproka throught the frontend wallet app. The app can be loaded from IPFS. Once the app is opened, it creates a new ethereum private key (if the user already have one, loads it).

Transaction action:

  • Step 0: Initial scenario
    • Balances
      • u1: 0
      • u2: 0
  • Step 1: u1 sends 10 credits to u2
    • Balances
      • u1: -10
      • u2: 10



Account data structure:

struct Account {
  address ID;
  int64 Balance;
  bytes32[] History;

Reputation Authority

Handles a public list of accounts that have been verified, in order to give some kind of trusted certification to an user's account. Can be runned by a collective, so for example, a group of people that work together in a project, can run a Reputation Authority, that will 'validate' trusted user's accounts.