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very fast LZ4 68k decoder
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Three versions of LZ4 decoders for 68k processors.

Written by Arnaud Carré ( @leonard_coder )

LZ4 technology by Yann Collet ( )

The fastest version use 3722 bytes and is suited for CPU without instruction cache ( 68000 ) Prefer lz4_normal.asm for cache instruction CPU ( >= 68020 )

If you're using LZ77 decoder in your demo, you can switch to this for sure. LZ4 has better packing ratio than LZ77 and it depacks faster

source code decoder size speed factor
lz4_smallest.asm 76 bytes x 1.0
lz4_normal.asm 180 bytes x 1.53
lz4_fastest.asm 3722 bytes x 2.36

Speed factor is measured on ATARI ST by depacking a 167KiB unpacked demo file (packed in 105KiB).

Measured on the same machine, lz4_fastest.asm is 6.81 times faster than ARJ and 4.45 times faster than UPX ( please note packing ratio is not as good as ARJ or UPX )

LZ4 Frame

lz4_frame.asm can be used to depack a LZ4 frame. You can generate LZ4 frame using standard LZ4 command line tool, like: lz4.exe -9 --no-frame-crc <input_file> <output_file>

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