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Dropit! is an application to manage your notes, easily. It's based on CouchDB and comes with a set of client applications. (THIS IS NOT FINISHED YET)
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DropIt's documentation!

DropIt! is, basically, a CouchDB interface, containing notes. A note can be anything containing at least a title, and a content, we'll dive into notes definition later in this doc.

DropIt! comes with a set of applications that uses this interfaces to provide a simple note management system.

The final goal is to be simple and allow you to read/write your notes on a webapp when online or not on your own computer, or on your desktop or mobile phone even in offline mode, and get them synchronized when your connection is up.

The complete documentation can be find at (If not, it means that we're still at work, maybe you can just clone the repo, and generate the doc by yourself, with the Makefile supplied !)

Hope you will enjoy reading it and see the DropIt!'s projects ;)

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