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(ns clj-water-pouring.core
(:require [clojure.pprint :refer [pprint]]
[clojure.set :as set]))
(defn pour
(assoc glass :current 0))
([glass quantity]
(let [{:keys [current]} glass]
(assoc glass :current (- current
(min current quantity))))))
(defn fill
(assoc glass :current (:capacity glass)))
([glass quantity]
(let [{:keys [capacity current]} glass]
(assoc glass :current (+ current
(min (- capacity current) quantity))))))
(defmulti ->move
"Apply a move to the given state and return the new state."
(fn [glasses move] (:type move)))
(defmethod ->move :empty
[glasses {:keys [from]}]
(update-in glasses [from] pour))
(defmethod ->move :fill
[glasses {:keys [to]}]
(update-in glasses [to] fill))
(defmethod ->move :pour
[glasses {:keys [from to]}]
(let [quantity (min (get-in glasses [from :current])
(- (get-in glasses [to :capacity])
(get-in glasses [to :current])))]
(-> glasses
(update-in [from] pour quantity)
(update-in [to] fill quantity))))
(defn glasses->index
"Filter the `glasses` by the `filter-fn` function and
return the index the filtered item had in the
`glasses` collection."
[glasses filter-fn]
(->> glasses
(map-indexed #(vector %1 %2))
(filter (fn [[idx value]] (filter-fn value)))
(map first)))
(defn available-moves
"Return the list of valid moves from current state of glasses."
(let [non-empty (glasses->index glasses (comp pos? :current))
non-full (glasses->index glasses #(< (:current %) (:capacity %)))]
(map #(hash-map :type :empty :from %) non-empty)
(map #(hash-map :type :fill :to %) non-full)
; Oh so beautiful cartesian product
(for [from non-empty to non-full :when (not= from to)]
{:type :pour :from from :to to}))))
(defn backtrack
"Returns true if a node has been visited."
[visited {:keys [glasses]}]
(not (contains? visited glasses)))
(defn has-solution?
[target successors]
(some #(when (= target (:glasses %)) (:moves %))
(defn make-node
[glasses moves]
{:glasses glasses
:moves moves})
(defn expand-node
[{:keys [glasses moves]}]
(let [next-moves (available-moves glasses)]
(->> next-moves
(map #(make-node (->move glasses %) (conj moves %)))
(defn make-glass
(make-glass capacity 0))
([capacity current]
{:capacity capacity :current current}))
(defn initialize
(vec (map make-glass capacities)))
([capacities quantities]
(vec (map make-glass capacities quantities))))
(defn find-successors
(mapcat #(expand-node %) nodes))
(defn filter-successors
[successors visited]
(filter (partial backtrack visited) successors))
(defn distinct-glasses
(into #{} (map :glasses successors)))
(defn solver
[capacities quantities]
(let [initial (initialize capacities)
target (initialize capacities quantities)
has-solution-fn? (partial has-solution? target)]
(fn []
(let [first-node (make-node initial [])]
(loop [visited #{initial} nodes [first-node]]
(if-let [solution (has-solution-fn? nodes)]
(let [successors (find-successors nodes)
valid-successors (filter-successors successors visited)
unique-glasses (distinct-glasses valid-successors)]
(recur (clojure.set/union visited unique-glasses)
(defn -main
[& args]
(assert (even? (count args)))
(let [input (map #(Integer. (re-find #"\d+" %)) args)
solver-fn (apply solver (split-at (/ (count input) 2) input))]
(pprint (solver-fn))))