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We have developed an extension for the Integrated Genome Browser, a widely used tool for the visualization and analyzes of genomic data, which maps and visualizes genomic regions in molecular interactions structures (protein-protein, protein-DNA, protein-RNA and protein-small molecule interactions) and allows the researcher to make educated guesses about the functional impact of somatic mutations.

If our online repository is not reachable, it is possible to download a copy from the release archive contains a copy of the repository that stores the MI Bundle for IGB. It can be used when the online repository cannot be reached (as seen on the video bellow).

IGB MI Bundle

To use it:

  • extract all the files from this archive
  • Open **IGB** (download from [Integrated Genome Browser](
  • Go to File, preferences and select the **"plugin repositories"** tab
  • press the **"add"** button
  • press the **"choose local folder"** and choose the repository that has been extracted (it should be named "plugins")

The MI Bundle plug-in should now appear in the list of available plug-ins.

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