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erlang\facebook is a small, lightweight Facebook Platform API client library. It uses a gen_server behavior to create, dispatch and process Facebook Platform API requests.

1> erlang_facebook:start().
2> [ApiKey, Secret] = ["aassdd112233", "thisisasecret"].
["aassdd112233", "thisisasecret"].
3> erlang_facebook:update(ApiKey, Secret).
4> erlang_facebook:call(application_getpublicinfo, [
4>     {"application_canvas_name", "iplaywow"}
4> ]).
{obj,[{"app_id", 2359644980},
      {"api_key", ...},
      {"display_name",<<"I Play WoW">>},
5> erlang_facebook:call(custom, [
5>     {"method", "facebook.admin.getAllocation"},
5>     {"integration_point_name", "requests_per_day"}
5> ]).

This library is developed and updated as needed. To request a feature or if you found a bug, please contact me through GitHub (account is ngerakines) or email me at

Supported Facebook API Methods

Facebook API methods map to module functions directly. The list of supported methods can be obtained by looking at the exported functions as per erlang_facebook:module_info/0.

To use a method that is not defined the erlang_facebook:custom/2 function can be used. When passing the function parameters be sure to include a method tuple naming the API method as well as any additional arguments that may be required.


By default, this module sets the 'format' parameter of outgoing API requests to 'JSON' and uses the parse_json/1 callback function to process the responses. To parse json requests this module uses the rfc4627 module provided by LShift inc.


Thanks to Brian Fink (BeerRiot rocks!) for the well made erlang2facebook project. It inspired an entire world of Erlang development and inspired this module.