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MochiWeb-Nitrogen is fork of Nitrogen in order to integrate it closer with Mochiweb and make it easier and automated to create new Nitrogen powered site using Mochiweb light http framework.

No major new code was rewritten, however here are some noteworthy improvements:

- scripts/new_nitrogen.erl allows you to create a complete skelleton of nitrogen over mochiweb for your new projects. It compiles cleanly using erlang and is then ready to go!

- Nitrogen basic www/ templates/ locations were moved slightly to something that makes more sense (at least to me ;)

- Mochiweb compilation was improved by using Emakefile instead of std makefile process

- Logic was simplified for the mapping of request to Nitrogen by defaulting ALL requests not comporting an extension to go to Nitrogen dispatcher (e.g. http://localhost:8000/index.html tries to serve static file index.html in www folder, whereas http://localhost:8000/index calls the index.erl module which then renders using Nitrogen framework)

- Misc clean up and simplifications of dependencies.

This fork takes advantage of GitHub's power and both Mochiweb and Nitrogen upstream modifications will make it into this branch via a simple pull command.

Feedback is welcome and encouraged, however keep in mind it is still very much a work in progress.


Sébastien Arnaud

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