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disable ssl session cache

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@@ -234,16 +234,13 @@ nsCertType = server
In order to generate the actual pemfile just run these commands:
# Generates the private key and the certificate
-/usr/local/bin/openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes \
- -config ./monit.cnf -out /var/certs/monit.pem \
- -keyout /var/certs/monit.pem
+openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes -config ./monit.cnf -out /var/certs/monit.pem -keyout /var/certs/monit.pem
# Generates the Diffie-Hellman Parameters
-/usr/local/bin/openssl gendh 512 >> /var/certs/monit.pem
+openssl gendh 512 >> /var/certs/monit.pem
# Prints out the certificate information
-/usr/local/bin/openssl x509 -subject -dates -fingerprint -noout \
- -in /var/certs/monit.pem
+openssl x509 -subject -dates -fingerprint -noout -in /var/certs/monit.pem
@@ -528,9 +528,7 @@
<p>Monit will then not monitor the service. This allows for having
services configured in monitrc and start it with Monit only if it
should run. This feature can be used to build a simple failsafe
-cluster. To see how, read more about how to setup a cluster with
-Monit using the <em>heartbeat</em> system in the examples sections
<p>A service's monitoring state is persistent across Monit restart.
This means that you probably would like to make certain that
services in manual mode are stopped or in unmonitored mode at
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