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What's new in 1.2.2
The build system has been completely redone and should now build
on Windows without any patching; uses setuptools.
Added compatibility for Python 2.5, including support for with statement. now takes an optional boolean argument which can
enable (or disable) automatic reconnection.
Support returning SET columns as Python sets was removed due to an
API bug in MySQL; corresponding test removed.
Added a test for single-character CHAR columns.
BLOB columns are now returned as Python strings instead of byte arrays.
BINARY character columns are always returned as Python strings, and not
Fixed a bug introduced in 1.2.1 where the new SHOW WARNINGS support broke
Only encode the query (convert to a string) when it is a unicode instance;
re-encoding encoded strings would break things.
Make a deep copy of conv when connecting, since it can be modified.
Added support for new VARCHAR and BIT column types.
DBAPISet objects were broken, but nobody noticed.
What's new in 1.2.1_p2
There are some minor build fixes which probably only affect MySQL
older than 4.0.
If you had MySQL older than 4.1, the new charset and sql_mode
parameters didn't work right. In fact, it was impossible to create
a connection due to the charset problem.
If you are using MySQL-4.1 or newer, there is no practical difference
between 1.2.1 and 1.2.1_p2, and you don't need to upgrade.
What's new in 1.2.1
Switched to Subversion. Was going to do this for 1.3, but a
SourceForge CVS outage has forced the issue.
Mapped a lot of new 4.1 and 5.0 error codes to Python exceptions
Added an API call for mysql_set_character_set(charset) (MySQL > 5.0.7)
Added an API call for mysql_get_character_set_info() (MySQL > 5.0.10)
Revamped the build system. Edit site.cfg if necessary (probably not
in most cases)
Python-2.3 is now the minimum version.
Dropped support for mx.Datetime and stringtimes; always uses Python
datetime module now.
Improved unit tests
New connect() options:
* charset: sets character set, implies use_unicode
* sql_mode: sets SQL mode (i.e. ANSI, etc.; see MySQL docs)
When using MySQL-4.1 or newer, enables MULTI_STATEMENTS
When using MySQL-5.0 or newer, enables MULTI_RESULTS
When using MySQL-4.1 or newer, more detailed warning messages
are produced
SET columns returned as Python Set types; you can pass a Set as
a parameter to cursor.execute().
Support for the new MySQL-5.0 DECIMAL implementation
Support for Python Decimal type
Some use of weak references internally. Cursors no longer leak
if you don't close them. Connections still do, unfortunately.
ursor.fetchXXXDict() methods raise DeprecationWarning
cursor.begin() is making a brief reappearence.
cursor.callproc() now works, with some limitations.