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from ConfigParser import SafeConfigParser
def get_metadata_and_options():
config = SafeConfigParser()['metadata.cfg', 'site.cfg'])
metadata = dict(config.items('metadata'))
options = dict(config.items('options'))
metadata['py_modules'] = filter(None, metadata['py_modules'].split('\n'))
metadata['classifiers'] = filter(None, metadata['classifiers'].split('\n'))
return metadata, options
def enabled(options, option):
value = options[option]
s = value.lower()
if s in ('yes','true','1','y'):
return True
elif s in ('no', 'false', '0', 'n'):
return False
raise ValueError("Unknown value %s for option %s" % (value, option))
def create_release_file(metadata):
rel = open("MySQLdb/",'w')
__author__ = "%(author)s <%(author_email)s>"
version_info = %(version_info)s
__version__ = "%(version)s"
""" % metadata)
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