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25 November 2004
Release 0.3
Fixed error in calculation.
Simpler regex tokenization. Now works with unicode.
5 October 2003
Release 0.2.4
Added utility methods for removing, renaming and merging Pools:
removePool(), renamePool() and mergePools()
Also added utility methdos for inspecting pool data:
poolData() and poolTokens()
All of these methods take pool names as arguments.
25 Aug 2003
Release 0.2.3
Made it possible to pass an iterator of tokens.
16 Aug 2003
Release 0.2.2
Added ability to "forget" training using Bayes.untrain()
2 Aug 2003
Release 0.2.1
Removed the declaration of slots the tokenizer to make it
play nice with Quotient. No change in functionality.
16 June 2003
Release 0.2
Added basic GUI for training and testing.
Made the storage class pluggable, so different storage managers
can be used.
Some convenience functions and better repr.
Removed some code that was not being run.
18 May 2003
Release 0.1
Initial release