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Embedded version of Riot. Currently work in progress.

Development workflow

Installing dependencies

npm install

Creating a bundle

For development:

npm run dev

For production:

npm run build

Deploying to webpack-dev-server with hot reloading enabled (deployed on port 9000)

npm start

Running the linter

npm run lint


Create config.js in the root directory of the repository with the following format.

export let config = {
    baseUrl: '<BASE URL>',
    roomId: '<DEFAULT ROOM ID>',
    userId: '<DEFAULT USER ID>',
    accessToken: '<DEFAULT ACCESS TOKEN>'

Leave out userId and accessToken to attempt registration as guest.
To set custom highlight colors, change the Sass variables $color-highlight-custom and $color-txt-custom in styles/colors.scss and set highlight to 'custom' in the configuration.

Complete list of options:

  • baseUrl (string) - Base URL of homeserver - Required
  • roomId (string) - The internal ID of default room - Required
  • userId (string) - The ID of default user
    Ignore to register as guest
  • accessToken (string) - Access token of default user
    Ignore to register as guest
  • readOnly (boolean) - If the client is in read-only mode
    • true
    • false (default)
      Disables msgComposer and roomsList (unless overriden)
  • theme (string) - Theme of the client
    • 'dark' - Dark theme (default)
    • 'light' - Light theme
    • 'auto' - Use device theme
  • highlight (string) - Highlight color
    • 'pink' - Pink highlights (default)
    • 'green' - Green highlights
    • 'custom' - Custom highlight color
  • roomHeader (boolean) - If room header should be displayed
    • true (default)
    • false
  • roomsList (boolean) - If rooms list should be displayed (overrides readOnly)
    • true (default)
    • false
  • msgComposer (boolean) - If message composer should be displayed (overrides readOnly)
    • true (default)
    • false
  • whitelist (Array) - Whitelisted origins
    Ignore to allow all origins
  • signInPrompt (string) - Show sign in prompts
    • 'none' - Never show (default)
    • 'guests' - Show if signed in as guest
    • 'all' - Always show


Embedded version of Riot






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