OV7670+fifo camera control with an AVR ATmega1284
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OV7670+fifo camera control with an AVR ATmega1284p. Takes pictures in QQVGA resolution automatically, saves it on a SD card and displays it. Implemented functions to change brighness, noise reduction, edge detection, effects and caption modes (RGB modes and YUV).

Camera Module used: http://www.suntekstore.com/goods-14004307-640x480_cmos_camera_module_ov7670_vga_yuv_snr_46_db_with_high_quality_lens.html

TFT module (inlcludes SD card slot) used: http://arduino.cc/en/Guide/TFT

Please note that this camera module needs to initiate the write reset for the AL422 every VSYNC in code. Other camera models out there are wired to do this automatically. To disable, look at the vsync_handler in Ov7670.cpp.

The code works as well with an Arduino UNO but you need to change the ports definitions in ov7670_ports.h No TFT possible since the UNO has not enought i/o pins. You can disable the TFT and SD in main.h

This code uses the mighty-1824p library (not included) from maniacbug (thanks!!) on github: https://github.com/maniacbug/mighty-1284p which applies changes to the vanilla Arduino library to work on a ATmega1284p. You could get rid of the Arduino library but that would involve changes in main.cpp and the SPI and TFT classes.

Breadboard diagram (black text: OV7670 wiring, blue text:TFT wiring): ov7670_breadboard.pdf ATmega1284p wiring: ov7670_ports.h