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Newsletter management for the Django webframework

Django-campaign is a newsletter campaign management app for the Django webframework. It can manage multiple newsletters with different subscriberlists.


  • Multiple newsletters
  • Multiple subscriberlists
  • Personalization of content for every Subscriber
  • Subscriber model lives in your code and can have whatever fields you want
  • Subscriberlists are defined as orm query parameters
  • Send mails from your own Server (through Django's email mechanism)
  • Send mails through Mandrill (a transactional email service from Mailchimp)
  • Send mails through Mailgun (a transactional email service)
  • Pluggable backends for integration with other email services
  • Make newsletters available online
  • Internal blacklist


If you are upgrading from a 0.2.x release the following changes are noteworthy:

  • The south migrations where removed in favor of Django 1.7 native migrations
  • The 'debug' and 'django_mailer' backends are no longer used, because setting Django's EMAIL_BACKEND settings to the correct value has the same effect.


The documentation is available in the docs folder and online at: