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utils for spellchecking text in django applications


A spellchecker for Django

Django-spellcheckutils aims to provide some useful utils for spellchecking text in django applications.

Currently it implements the following bits:

  • a simple template filter (named spellcheck) to highlight misspelled words


  • a form-field which can validate input by checking for spelling errors
  • some utils to update/manipulate the users wordlist


There is one optional Django Settings variable:

  • ASPELL_HOME_DIR : You may set this to a path where the python code has read/write access. This is a workaround for some problems with mod_python. You need it, if you encounter an error like this one:

    *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (out): 0x0000000000a8f790 ***

    This may happen, if for some reason aspell thinks it's home-dir setting points to /root and the current user cannot read/write this directory.

Known Problems

If you get an error about undefined symbols:

AttributeError: python: undefined symbol: new_aspell_config

or with mod_python:

AttributeError: /usr/sbin/apache2: undefined symbol: new_aspell_config

Please have a detailed look at the INSTALL document and install the aspell-python C-Extension for interfacing with aspell. The ctypes binding pyaspell seems to habe some problems on some systems.

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