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A chessboard user interface created in Mathematica


Load the Chess` package embedded in the file "Chess.wl" into a Mathematica notebook.



So far, no manual has been made, as the work is ongoing. A brief introduction to the capability of the package is however provided in the attached notebook "Chess_package.nb". PGN files may be downloaded from the internet, e.g.:

kasparov = Import["", "*.pgn"][[1]];

and PGNs are found by

549 PGN files are available (PGNfile[no])

Chosing one PGN file Load the Chess` package embedded in the file "Chess.wl" into a Mathematica notebook.

<|Event -> KasparovChess GP g/60, Site -> Internet INT,  Date -> 2000.02.13, Round -> 2.2, White -> Van Wely, Loek, 
Black -> Kasparov, Gary,  Result -> 0-1, WhiteElo -> 2646, BlackElo -> 2851,  ECO -> D46k, EventDate -> 2000.02.09,  
PGN -> {1.d4, Nf6, 2.Nf3, d5, 3.c4, e6, 4.Nc3, c6,  5.e3, Nbd7, 6.Qc2, Bd6, 7.Bd3, O-O, 8.O-O, dxc4,  9.Bxc4, a6, 
10.a4, c5, 11.Rd1, Qc7, 12.Ne4, Nxe4,  13.Qxe4, Nf6, 14.Qh4, cxd4, 15., Bd3, h6, 16.e4,  Nd7, 17.Bxh6, gxh6, 18.Rac1, 
Qd8, 19.Qxh6, Qf6,  20.Qxf6, Nxf6, 21.e5, Be7, 22.exf6, Bxf6, 23.Be4,  Rd8, 24.g4, Rb8, 25.g5, Bh8, 26.Ne1, Bd7, 
27.a5,  Ba4, 28., Rd2, d3, 29.Rxd3, Bb5, 30.Rxd8+, Rxd8,  31.Nf3, Bxb2, 32.Rc7, Ba3, 33.Rxb7, Rd1+, 34., Kg2, Bd6, 
35.Kh3, Rc1, 36.Nd4, Bf1+, 37.Bg2, Rc3+,  38.f3, Bd3, 39.Rb3, Rxb3, 40.Nxb3, Bb4, 41.f4, Bc4, 42.Nd4, Bxa5, 43.f5, 
Bc3, 44.Nc6, a5, 45.Nxa5,  Bxa5, 46.Be4, Bd5, 47., Bd3, Bc7, 48.f6, Bf4,  49.Kg4, Bxh2, 50.g6, e5, 51.Kf5, Be6+, 
52.Kg5,  Bf4+, 53.Kh5, Bd5, 54.Kg4, fxg6, 55.Bxg6, Be6+,  56.Kf3, Bg5}|>

The file is converted to a readable format for Mathematica by

pgn = PGNconvert[PGNfile[540]["PGN"]];

and the chessboard is displayed by

Chess[ShowBoard -> pgn, Interact -> False]


Embedded features

Standard rules of piece moving are installed, including castling, en passant, and the conversion of pawns to officers (standard choice is queen). Interactive use of the chessboard is included, also a PGN reading feature (see above). The chessboard may be displayed in different ways by changing default option values.

Missing parts

A number of issues are still to be solved:

  • The king is not allowed to move into an empty cell covered by pieces of opposite colour. However, the king is able to take pieces even when these are defended. Also, own pieces shadowing for potential attacks on the king are not hindered in moving, consequently putting the king in an illegal position.
  • The game is not ended when the king is taken (even though it should be easy to implement :)
  • There is no evaluation of the game.

Observed bugs

  • The 'back'-button in interactive modus does not convert major pieces (queens) back to pawns...

Help is requested

Any contributions in improving existing code and adding features are appreciated. The package is free to be used as long as no commercial interests are involved.

You are welcome to contact me by email:


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