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mdi-cli icon


Generate material design icons from the command line.

All icons are based on the @mdi/svg package, which is what uses.


mdi-cli can be installed using npm by running:

$ npm install -g mdi-cli


Installing this package globally will give you the mdi command. The GIF below shows how to use it interactively:

Usage Example

You may also use mdi non-interactively, by providing flags and arguments when you run it:

$ mdi --help

  Generate material design icons from the command line

    $ mdi [options] <icon-name>, <icon-name>, ...

    --size, -s         Set the icon size. Defaults to 24px.
    --padding, -p      Set the icon padding. Defaults to 0px.
    --radius, -r       Set the icon border radius. Defaults to 0px.
    --foreground, -f   Set the icon foreground color. Defaults to #333.
    --background, -b   Set the icon background color. Defaults to transparent.
    --output, -o       Write icons to this directory. Defaults to the current directory.

    $ mdi -s 32 -p 4 -r 5 -f yellow -b black google youtube twitter

Why did I build this? is cool, I like using it because

  1. I can see what the actual icons look like
  2. I can easily resize and set padding of the icon and see the results

However, I usually get several icons with the same styles at the same time, and doing so always takes so much time.

This tool allows:

  1. Generating multiple icons with the same style
  2. Generating icons even when you're offline

However, this also comes with its own limitations:

  1. No icon preview while generating, so you kinda have to know the names of the icons that you need

Related Projects

  • mdi-core: Node module for generating Material Design icons.


MIT License