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@ArneSchwettmann ArneSchwettmann released this Mar 18, 2017 · 12 commits to master since this release

Physics-based ball and brick game written in LUA

This is a version of the classic brick-breaking game written in LUA, making use of the LÖVE game framework. It is written for LÖVE 0.10.2.


  • physics-based brick breaking game
  • up to two player simultaneous
  • hand-coded physics with freely movable player bat, (in)elastic collisions, gravity etc.

Player 1 controls with the mouse.
Player 2 controls with cursor keys plus shift for turbo, or gamepad (any button is turbo).

Pre-compiled executables for Windows (.exe installer), OS X (.dmg installer file), Android (.apk package), as well as a .love file for use with Love2D on any other platform can be downloaded below.

To compile from source under Windows, simply drag the src directory onto Love.exe version 0.10.2. For more information on LÖVE, visit

NOTE: Since v20 the game works on Android with touch controls. Just download the .apk file below using the browser on your Android device and then click "open" once the download is finished. If Android asks about completing the action, select "Package installer."

Written by Arne Schwettmann

Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Arne Schwettmann

The above copyright holds for all material in this project that is not part of LÖVE or the libraries distributed with LÖVE. This program is not free software. Default copyright laws apply. See License.txt and Readme_License.txt in the zip file for more licensing details


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