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# Usage:
# 1. cp to the top directory of emacs source tree.
# 2. run "./"
# 3. That's all.
# this may not works since emacs 24*
# version=`grep 'defconst[ ]*emacs-version' ./lisp/version.el \
# | sed -e 's/^[^"]*"\([^"]*\)".*$/\1/'`
compver=x86_64-apple-darwin`uname -r`
# make an emacs bundle
mkdir $installprefix
set -e
./configure --with-mac --enable-mac-app=$installprefix --prefix=$installprefix
make install
set +e
mv $installprefix/share/emacs/$version/* $app_dir
mv $installprefix/share/info $app_dir
mv $installprefix/share/man $app_dir
rm -rf $installprefix/share
mv $installprefix/var $app_dir
mv $installprefix/bin $app_dir/../MacOS/bin
# mkdir $app_dir/../MacOS/libexec
mv $installprefix/libexec/emacs/$version/$compver $app_dir/../MacOS/libexec
rm -rf $installprefix/libexec
# Make the application binary a hard link
rm $app_dir/../MacOS/Emacs
ln $app_dir/../MacOS/bin/emacs $app_dir/../MacOS/Emacs
echo 'Done! Find your at '$installprefix'.'
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