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What is Karybu?

Karybu is a powerful CMS based on Symfony Framework components and Bootsrtap frontend that can be based on multiple types of databases like Mysql, SQLite, PostgreSql, Cubrid and other.

Modular Structure

Karybu is composed in a modular structure, making it easy to construct, add and use features, like building with Lego blocks. You can construct diverse websites by combining the basic modules provided by Karybu with the extended features shared through communities. Developers can easily develop additional modules for Karybu with new features, and share them with others.

Multi-language Support

Karybu supports multiple languages for multiple countries. You can easily create a website that displays in English, German, French, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Russian and others languages, as well as Korean, without the separation of the website by language.

UTC friendly

Karybu allows you to set your time as an offset from Universal Coordinated Time. You can display the correct time on your website even if the server is located in a different time-zone.

User Management

Karybu uses different groups of users for every part and feature of the entire website. Each group has certain privileges, and the admin has the power to control user access, and restrict the ability of groups or individual users to modify content.

Template Driven Design

One of the most important features of any CMS is the ability to let users and developers customize the design of their website. Karybu allows you to build different layouts and themes not only for the big image but also for smaller pieces of the websites, alias modules.

Text Editors

Karybu features 2 default editors that have different abilities to suit the needs of different users. (TinyMCE and CKEditor)

Multiple website support/virtual websites

Offering support for virtual websites can be a very useful feature especially if you want to build a hosting system for blogs ( for example) , using also the Textyle module. This allows you practically to have an unlimited number of blogs hosted on the same platform.

Friendly Urls

Using the routing component from Symfony2 you can easily achieve beautified urls.

Visual editing

We want you to have a comfortable editing experience. To achieve this, Karybu offers drag-and-drop functionality so that you can edit your front-end widgets to look just the way you want them to. Just create a widget page and you're all set to start building a beautiful website.

Multiple databases support

With our PHP built drivers included in the CMS core we support: MySQL (MyISAM and InnoDB), MySQLi, MySQL PDO CUBRID Firebird PostgreSQL SQLite2, SQLite3 PDO MSSQL


By using Twitter Bootstrap on both admin and front-end, Karybu is easily accessible from any portable device as well as from a PC.

Social network integration

Adapting to social media demands is a must in today's internet context. So you have the possibility to authenticate with Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. Also our Board module comes with sharing options for your blog, forum or gallery.

Debug toolbar and custom environments

Developers will be fond of our debug toolbar as it will be a great companion in developing even greater websites and/or extensions. We also provide two built-in environments for production and development, depending on your website's current status. We also use Monolog to keep track of our logs.

API integration

All modules included in core and developed by our community can have an API layer to be simple integrated with other modules or other applications