Intro to some NLP concepts in Python for a class
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0. Reading Files.ipynb
1. Tokenizing, Stemming, POS.ipynb
2. WordClouds.ipynb
3. TF-IDF, Clustering, Pattern.ipynb
4. Naive Bayes Classification.ipynb
5. Naive Bayes in Scikit-Learn.ipynb
Intro NLP


Lynn Cherny, @arnicas / arnicas@gmail

Intro to some NLP concepts and libraries in Python for a class at CMU, Feb 2015.

Lots of libraries are required - see here for install info.

Notebook viewer links:

0. Reading in Files: How I made the data files, mostly Gutenberg operations. Add your own URLs!

1. Tokenizing, Stemming, POS - the very basics. POS is "parts of speech" not "piece of %#@t".

2. Wordclouds - entirely optional, but shows off interactive widgets to live-filter stopwords for visual effect

3. TF-IDF, Clustering, Pattern - getting to the meat! Hierarchical clustering here too.

Bonus: Doing some TF-IDF NLP in node's package "natural" (but caveats apply): see here

4. Naive Bayes Classification - the infamous 50 Shades Sex Scene Detection because spam is boring

5. Naive Bayes in Scikit-Learn - very quick intro to the main ML package in Python, for comparison purposes; same sex scene data.

There are some links to libraries and books in the [Intro NLP](Intro NLP