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Files for running RStan on Binder
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RStan + Binder

You can try it :


What is Stan?

Stan is an probabilistic programming language. Probabilistic programming languages are languages designed to describe probabilistic models as well as perform the necessary inferential computation.

Carpenter, Bob, et al. "Stan: A probabilistic programming language" in Journal of Statistical Software (2017). DOI 10.18637/jss.v076.i01

Examples Notebooks

  1. Bernoulli (notebook | model)
  2. Linear Regression (notebook | model)
  3. Seven Scientists (notebook | model)

Further Resources

  • Bayesian Data Analysis by Andrew Gelman et al. (R or Python)
  • Bayesian Cognitive Modeling (link)
  • Probabilistic Programming & Bayesian Methods for Hackers (link)
  • Bayesian Analysis for the Social Sciences by Simon Jackman (link)
  • Stan Hands-on with Bob Carpenter (video)

Other Probabilistic Programming Languages

Furthermore, of historical relevance are BUGS and JAGS.

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