Documentation and Standardisation of SaltStack formulas
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Documentation and Standardisation of SaltStack formulas


There are -more or less- official conventions and best practices described in the SaltStack documentation. However in my humble opinion (IMHO) some of those suggestions and conventions are, based on my long-time experiences with Salt, not suitable for practical use.

This document describes my formula standardisation that have proven to be useful for me. Everyone is invited to discuss about it.

Most of the formulas at are created based on the guidelines of this document.

Files & Directories


Directory listing of

$ tree -I '.git|.vagrant|.*\.swp' --matchdirs -L 2
|-- .gitignore
|-- .gitmodules
|-- README.rst
|-- _grains/
|-- _modules/
|-- _states/
|-- contrib/
|   |-- LICENSE
|   `-- states/
|-- meta.yaml
|-- pillar_examples/
|   |-- client.sls
|   |-- minimal.sls
|   |-- server.sls
|   `-- special.sls
|-- states/
|   |-- defaults.yaml
|   |-- py.sls
|   `-- yaml_jinja.sls
`-- test/
    |-- nodes.yaml
    |-- nodes.yaml.dist
    |-- shared/
    `-- vagrant/


CHANGELOG.rst: SHALL contain a brief change log about important changes that are part of new releases.

LICENSE: SHALL contain license information and terms & conditions how users are allowed to use and distribute the files of the underlying directories.

README.rst: MAY contain instructions how to use the formula, compatiblity information, dependencies, TODOs, a list of contributors and links for further information. Adding a list of available states or code documentaiton tend to date out. Better spend some time making your code easy to read and add some comments for complex statements.

_grains/: MAY contain custom grain modules that are used by Salt.

_modules/: MAY contain custom execution modules that are used by Salt.

_states/: MAY contain custom state modules that are used by Salt.

contrib/: MAY contain files that are contributed by users that aren't maintained by the formulas' author(s)/ maintainer.

meta.yaml: FIXME

pillar_examples/: SHOULD contain pillar examples that can be used for formula testing. This directory will be read by Salt master and minions for configuration management. Do NEVER store ANY sensitive data in this directory since it's meant to become published when submitting a pull request.

states/: SHOULD contain the actual Salt state files. This directory will be read by Salt master and minions for configuration management.

test/: MAY contain a Vagrant-based or any other development and test environment. The Vagrant subdirectory is a Git submodule (repository) that holds a generic Vagrant box & provision scripts. The local file test/nodes.yaml can be used to configure your Vagrant box.

Version Control & Release Management

A concept of managing code in a VCS (Version Control System) would be having a master/develop branch containing the latest state of the formula code. Separate branches keep support for older Salt releases. So could create the branch of the master branch and name it 2015.8 when you plan to introduce changes in the master branch that require a newer version. One could backport fixes and features to these LTS/support release branches, just like the SaltStack upstream project is doing. A file called CHANGELOG.rst SHOULD contain change and release notes. Release tags MAY be created to release a version of the formula. Git tags can be used to define a specific version of the Git branch in Salt.

FIXME add information how to compile formulas

Security Considerations

As mentioned above, never commit changes that include private passwords or keys that are used on your important systems. Try to separate code and data whenever it's possible. Use pillar to store this data.



Using Formulas

FIXME (TODO: git clone vagrant --recursive, vcs-gather)


This document is published under the terms of CC-BY-SA-4.0.

todo: pillar naming