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Swedish keyboard for Windows - with Arabic romanization based on ALA-LC scheme
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Swedish keyboard layout with additional letters for Arabic romanization based on ALA-LC scheme.
The file Swedish-ARN.klc must be compiled with MSKLC (Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creater) v1.4.
After creating the setup and DLL files, install the keyboard, then log-out and log-in to use it.

The key "-" in standard Swedish layout has been turned into a dead key.
Press this key once, then press any of the following keys to get a corresponding character.

- ==> - (hyphen)
  ==> - (hyphen, with space)
_ ==> _ (underscore)
, ==> – (en dash)
. ==> — (em dash)
a ==> ā (alif madda)
A ==> Ā (Alif madda)
q ==> á (alif maqṣūrah)
Q ==> Á (Alif maqṣūrah
z ==> ẓ (ẓā)
Z ==> Ẓ (Ẓā)
s ==> ṣ (ṣād)
S ==> Ṣ (Ṣād)
d ==> ḍ (ḍād)
D ==> Ḍ (Ḍād)
f ==> ʼ (hamza, but not before a word)
j ==> ʻ (ʻain)
e ==> ē (not for Arabic, other languages)
E ==> Ē (not for Arabic, other languages)
t ==> ṭ (ṭā)
T ==> Ṭ (Ṭā)
u ==> ū (waw madda)
U ==> Ū (Waw madda)
i ==> ī (yā madda)
I ==> Ī (Yā madda)
h ==> ḥ (ḥā)
H ==> Ḥ (Ḥā)
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