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OpenAPI Map

The OpenAPI Map (fka. OpenAPI Specification Visual Document) aims to help you find your way in the OpenAPI Specification (fka. Swagger Specification) documentation. Note that it is not made to render an OpenAPI document.

It has been created by Arnaud Lauret, the API Handyman.

How to use it?

You can see it on

  • Zoom in: Mouse scroll up
  • Zoom out: Mouse scroll down
  • Move: Mouse drag
  • Clicking on a node expand or collapse it
  • Moving mouse over a node shows its documentation

How does it work?


The data/spec-versions.json file, loaded when index.html is load by browser, lists OpenAPI versions which are visible in top right navigation bar:

    "name": "Version 3.0",
    "id": "3.0",
    "url": "3.0.1.json",
    "root": "OpenAPI Object",
    "specificationurl": ""
    "name": "Version 2.0",
    "id": "2.0",
    "url": "2.0.json",
    "root": "Swagger Object",
    "specificationurl": ""
Property Description
name The name that will appear in tabs
id The json file id to use for direct access<id>. Example:
url The json file's url containing the data
root The root object of this version
specificationurl The md file URL for this specification

The data of each version comes from a <version>.json file defined in url. This file has been generated on build based on data yaml files from folder data/<version>. The data contains informations coming from the specification available at specificationUrl.

Data files

The data folder contains sets of YAML files (one per version of the OpenAPI Specification) describing each object provided by the OpenAPI Specification.

├── 2.0
│   ├── Contact_Object.yaml
│   ├── Definitions_Object.yaml
│   ├── Swagger_Object.yaml
│   └── Tag_Object.yaml
└── 3.0.1
    ├── Callback_Object.yaml
    ├── Components_Object.yaml
    ├── OpenAPI_Object.yaml
    └── XML_Object.yaml

The content of these files is based on the OpenAPI Specification itself, some precisions have been added when needed.

Some Object:
  description: |
    This is `Some Object`' description,
  allowExtension: true
    isNew: true
    details: Contains former root `responses`, `parameters` (split into `parameters` and `requestBodies`) and `definitions` (as `schemas`).
      name: schemas
      type: "{Schema Object}"
        isInfo: true
        details: Replace root `definitions`
      description: An object to hold reusable [Schema Objects](#schemaObject).

Data file structure

Property Required Description
name no Optional name used for node's label, if not provided the label is the Object type.
description yes Object's description.
allowExtension no Tells this object is extensible with x- properties, false by default. If true a x- node it automatically added to the object's properties.
changelog no Describes the modifications from previous version
changelog.isNew no True is this is a new object
changelog.isModified no True is this is a modfied object
changelog.description no Changelog description, markdown can be used
changelog.deletedProperties[] no List of deleted properties
changelog.deletedProperties[].name yes Deleted property's name
changelog.deletedProperties[].replacedBy no New property replacing it
changelog.deletedProperties[].see yes Object's holding the new property
fields[] yes Object's properties list
fields[].name yes Property's name
fields[].type yes Property's type. Use "[Some Object]" or "[string]" for arrays. Use "{Some Object}", "{string}" or "{Custom Key, Some Object}" for maps (a property representing the map key is automatically added to object's properties)
fields[].required no Property is required if true, false by default
fields[].description no Property's description.
fields[].changelog no Describes the modifications from previous version
fields[].changelog.isNew no True is this is a new object
fields[].changelog.isModified no True is this is a modfied object
fields[].changelog.description no Changelog description.

About descriptions

All description properties can contain markdown. If a description contains some links, they are modified that way:

  • A target=_blank is added to all links
  • Anchor links coming from the specification, like this [Schema Objects](#schemaObject) are modified to target the specificationurl provided in version's configuration
  • Links to ../examples are update to target the OpenAPI github repository according to the specificationurl provided in version's configuration

Build and modify


You need to install gulp and mocha and download dependencies in order to build the project:

npm install -g gulp-cli
npm install -g mocha
npm install


Command Decription
npm run server Launch a local instance with automatic live reload (test then build)
npm run build Tests then builds the OpenAPI Map in dist

Code notes

File Description
gulpfiles.js/build-data-files task Concatenates the data files and converts the result in json in a dist/<version>.json file for each data set.
web/static/js/buildTree.js Contains all functions used to build data tree from a dist/<version>.json file.
web/static/js/drawTree.js Contains all function to draw the D3JS tree in left panel using the data tree generated by buildTree.js functions.
web/static/templates.tooltip.hbs Handlebar template which is used to show documentation of each node. This template is compiled in the dist/js/template.js file by build task.
web/static/js/main.js Triggers data loading and tree generation when web/static/index.html is loaded by browser.

Tools used

This project uses:

CI and Hosting

This project is build by Travis CI and deployed on Github pages using the following files:

  • .travis.yml: Travis CI Configuration file
  • scripts/ Deploy script (which basically commits the result of the build on the gh-pages branch of this repository)

WARNING: Do not forget to update the web/CNAME file when changing Github Page domain using the Github admin.


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at

Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.


The OpenAPI Map (fka. OpenAPI Specification Visual Document) aims to help you find your way in the OpenAPI Specification (fka. Swagger Specification) documentation.







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