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Hangfire MySql Storage Implementation

NuGet version

MySql storage implementation of Hangfire - fire-and-forget, delayed and recurring tasks runner for .NET. Scalable and reliable background job runner. Supports multiple servers, CPU and I/O intensive, long-running and short-running jobs.

Some features of MySql storage implementation is under development!


Install MySQL

Run the following command in the NuGet Package Manager console to install Hangfire.MySqlStorage:

Install-Package Hangfire.MySqlStorage


Use one the following ways to initialize MySqlStorage:

  • Create new instance of MySqlStorage with connection string constructor parameter and pass it to Configuration with UseStorage method:
    new MySqlStorage(connectionString));
  • There must be Allow User Variables set to true in the connection string. For example: server=;uid=root;pwd=root;database={0};Allow User Variables=True
  • Alternatively one or more options can be passed as a parameter to MySqlStorage:
    new MySqlStorage(
        new MySqlStorageOptions
            TransactionIsolationLevel = IsolationLevel.ReadCommitted,
            QueuePollInterval = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(15),
            JobExpirationCheckInterval = TimeSpan.FromHours(1),
            CountersAggregateInterval = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(5),
            PrepareSchemaIfNecessary = true,
            DashboardJobListLimit = 50000,
            TransactionTimeout = TimeSpan.FromMinutes(1),
            TablesPrefix = "Hangfire"

Description of optional parameters:

  • TransactionIsolationLevel - transaction isolation level. Default is read committed.
  • QueuePollInterval - job queue polling interval. Default is 15 seconds.
  • JobExpirationCheckInterval - job expiration check interval (manages expired records). Default is 1 hour.
  • CountersAggregateInterval - interval to aggregate counter. Default is 5 minutes.
  • PrepareSchemaIfNecessary - if set to true, it creates database tables. Default is true.
  • DashboardJobListLimit - dashboard job list limit. Default is 50000.
  • TransactionTimeout - transaction timeout. Default is 1 minute.
  • TablesPrefix - prefix for the tables in database. Default is none

How to limit number of open connections

Number of opened connections depends on Hangfire worker count. You can limit worker count by setting WorkerCount property value in BackgroundJobServerOptions:

   new BackgroundJobServerOptions
      WorkerCount = 1

More info:


Hangfire provides a dashboard Dashboard More info: Hangfire Overview


Please use Visual Studio or any other tool of your choice to build the solution


In order to run unit tests and integrational tests set the following variables in you system environment variables (restart of Visual Studio is required):

Hangfire_SqlServer_ConnectionStringTemplate (default: server=;uid=root;pwd=root;database={0};Allow User Variables=True)

Hangfire_SqlServer_DatabaseName (default: Hangfire.MySql.Tests)