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Pineapple is a minimalistic Jekyll portfolio theme that focuses on putting your projects in the spotlight.

Pineapple screenshot

See Pineapple in action on the demo site.



Install dependencies:

$ gem install jekyll bundler

Pulldown the project:

$ git clone
$ cd pineapple

Start Jekyll:

$ jekyll serve

Browse to for some Pineapple goodness.

Deploy to Github Pages

  1. Fork this repository, then rename the repository to
  2. Update user configuration values in _config.yml, and also set baseurl: "".

Creating projects

Projects are created as .md documents within the _posts/projects directory. They follow the same naming conventions as regular Jekyll posts. Pineapple comes with four example projects, which you should use as a guide for creating your own e.g. Red Pineapple.



Open sourced under the MIT license.