Javascript library for writing, chaining and using conditional statements in a functional way
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fi - Functional conditionals, top to bottom

With fi you can ignore the language constructs and write all your conditional logic in a functional way.

var fi = require('fi');

var myVar = fi(false, "The dragon").
            elsfi(function() { return 1==2; }, function() { return "Vampire"; }).

// myVar is "Wargulf"


The library is distributed as an npm module:

npm install fi

If you want to use this in the browser you can use Browserify for all your npm needs.

I also plan to make a client side ready version, hit me up with a github issue if you're interested in seeing that happen sooner.


Basic if statement

var myVar = fi(true, "flower puppy").ret(); // we need to add .ret() to get the value of a statement

// myVar is "flower puppy"

We can make it more interesting and add an else statement:

var myVar = fi(false, "flower puppy").els("space pedals").ret();

// myVar is "space pedals"

Even more interesting using an if-else statement as well:

var myVar = fi(false, "flower puppy").elsfi(true, "human skin").els("space pedals").ret();

// myVar is "human skin"

With a half completed if statment, we can also start chaining more stuff to it later

var myif = fi(false, "flower puppy").elsfi(false, "human skin");

// do some other stuff, and add to the chain:
var myVar = myif.els("crapware").ret();

// myVar is "crapware"

Wait, this is not functional enough!

Ok, how about: any value passed into any fi conditional can be either a function, or a value

var myVar = fi(function() { return 1 < 0; },
              function() { return 300 / 0; }).
              function() { return 1337/7; }).ret();

// myVar is 191

Functions that don't meet a conditional are never executed, and conditionals that dont' meet a condition (like an else if conditional in an if statement evaluated as true) will also never get executed.

Oh, one more thing

Ternary operator:

var ternary = require('fi').ternary;

var myVar = ternary(function(){ return 1 > 4; }, function(){ return 15; }, function() { return 42; }).ret();

// myVar is 42

Switch statement using an object:

var sw = require('fi').sw;

var myVar = sw("Rainbow", {
    red: "Redish",
    green: "Greenish",
    blue: "Blueish",
    default: "Some color"

// myVar is "Some color"

Switch statement using an array (so you can use functions as your keys):

var myVar = sw("Rainbow", [
    function() { return "red"; }, "Redish",
    function() { return "green"; }, function() { return "Random green"; },
    function() { return "blue"; }, "Blueish",
    function() { return "Some color"; } // our default

// myVar is "Some color"

But.. WHY?!

  1. Becuase somebody had to
  2. Functions are first class citizens in javascript, so why not make use of that
  3. It could potentially lead to some interesting use cases


This library is pretty fresh and any pull requests or feature requests are welcome.


Arnor Heidar Sigurdsson @arnorhs on Twitter