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sset - Sorted Set for javascript

Yet another sorted set, but with the following feature set:

  • Uses binary-sort to insert and search and insert in set, so it is incredibly fast.
  • Can contain any kind of object
  • You can specify a custom comparator, if you have objects, strings etc (default uses number values)

Benchmark against finding in an array (though an array is not a set)


However, your penalty is at insertion time. If you insert a lot of items at a time, those insertions will be slow (though they can be speeded up):



var SortedSet = require('SortedSet');

var set = SortedSet([5,4,2,1]);
// or, if you prefer:
var set = new SortedSet([5,4,2,1]);


// set will now contain 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Custom comparator

var set = SortedSet(function(a, b) {
    return a.val - b.val;

set.add({val: 5}, {val: 3});

// set now contains [{val: 3}, {val: 5}];


npm install sset

Running tests & benchmark

// Tests
mocha test.js

// Benchmarks
node benchmarks/inserting.js
node benchmarks/finding.js


  • var set = SortedSet(array, comparator) constructor - creates a new sorted set - all parameters are options. default comparator is a number comparator.
  • set.add(obj [, obj [..obj]]) - adds object(s) to set
  • set.addFromArray(array) - adds many objects from an array
  • set.get(index) - gets item from array by index (not really predictable or useful unless you know the index of the object)
  • set.remove(obj) - removes a value or object by reference from the set
  • set.removeAtIndex(index) - removes an item by index
  • set.contains(obj) - returns true if the set contains obj
  • set.containsAll(array) - returns true if the set contains all objects in array
  • set.indexOf(obj) - returns the index of the item in the array
  • set.size() - returns the number of items in the set
  • set.toArray() - returns an array of all items in the index (performs a copy)

Methods that work the same as in a normal Array:

  • set.forEach()
  • set.filter()
  • set.pop()
  • set.shift()

Running tests & benchmark

// Tests
mocha test.js

// Benchmarks
node benchmarks/inserting.js
node benchmarks/finding.js

Todo - Pull requests welcome!

Obvious big things missing, namely:

  • things handling other sets:
    • union
    • intersection
    • copy
    • remove via another set (or array)
  • tests for all functionlity