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Use the excellent highcharts/highstock library in Python or even in an IPython notebook as an interactive alternative to maplotlib.


pip install charts

Quick start

First import the library:

import charts

Second load some example data from the data module and some default options from the options module:

aapl =
msft =
ohlc =

ohlc['display'] = False

series = [

And finally plot the chart! Use show='inline' if you are in an IPython notebook and show='tab' otherwise.

charts.plot(series, options, height=500, stock=True, show='inline')

Don't be affraid to play with the chart, it's interactive :) Try typing in OHLC in the variable selector or viewing a different time period by squeezing the bottom scroll bar!

For more, checkout this notebook!

Use javascript functions in your option dictionary

If you want to use a javascript function in your python option dictionary to for example dynamically update a tooltip, you should pre and affix your function statements with @#. The procedure is explained in this notebook.