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Things TODO:
- Write a filter to create lexc code from lewis.xml from Perseus.
- Comment and document the code.
- Add morpheme boundaries to all morphemes in nouns-lexc.txt.
- Find a way to handle/generate ambiguous gender tags.
- Represent them (and only them) in the grammar, and add gender-bender
regexes to create unambiguous analyses?
- Post-process analyses to synthesise ambiguous tags from unambiguous ones?
- Add ambiguous gender tags to adjective inflection.
- Add tests for pronouns.
- PROIEL has derived adverbs as belonging to their own lemma (longe not from
longus, for example), while I have them belonging to the adjective root.
This should be fixed.
- meus, tuus, and friends have adverb derivations ATM. That should be fixed
too. In conjunction with the above item probably.
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