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Snake is a Python 3 compiler implemented in NQP, the compiler toolchain used
to construct the Rakudo Perl 6 compiler.

The project is currently very experimental and -Ofun[1], and the goal of the
project is as much seeing what happens when the NQP toolchain is applied to a
non-Perl 6 language as it is to achieve a full functional Python compiler
(although that'd be pretty damn cool as well, of course).

Currently, the focus is getting the interesting bits of Python's semantics
working properly (object model, naming and binding, etc.) rather than making
useful things. Thus literals are somewhat preliminary, and operators are
basically unimplemented.

For the time being, most discussion takes place on IRC in the #perl6 channel
on freenode (and don't worry, the hilarity of this is not lost on me).

1: Optimize for fun, for those not into the Perl 6 lingo.