A comprehensive checklist to review before deploying WordPress sites
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A running list of things to check before deploying WordPress sites. How do people remember all this?


  • Implement Favicons
  • Style miscellaneous pages (404, search results, terms, etc)
  • Setup 301 redirects if needed
  • Review Print version
  • Discuss backup solution with client
  • Discuss security solution with client
  • Setup Google Analytics, if not present
  • Setup Google Webmaster Tools, if not present
  • Generate XML Sitemap
  • Discuss SEO solution with client
  • Browser testing (be honest, was it thorough?)
  • Mobile testing
  • Implement caching strategy
  • Image optimization
  • CSS & JS optimization
  • Remove all Lorem Ipsum
  • Proofread entire site for grammar and spelling mistakes
  • Ensure that the client's contact information is entered (social links, admin email, etc)
  • Check all links for errors
  • Ensure that all required licenses are purchased for necessary plugins, fonts, etc
  • Check that all form submissions are working correctly
  • Change the default category from “Uncategorized” to something like "News"


  • Activate site caching
  • Finish any remaining SEO configuration
  • Build first sitemap and ping search engines
  • Create a backup & setup backup schedule