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Ethica Complementoria

Descriptive Bibliography, Digital Scholarly Edition, and Textual Studies

About the Project


The repository has a sandbox character: It is not 'finished' work, but rather 'work-in-progress'.

This repository contains a number of files with transcriptions from original sources as well as some code to process and analyse these transcriptions. It also contains drafts and final versions of my presentations, papers, articles and the books I am working on regarding this project. Please handle with care!

The repository now contains the files for the book I published with the Herzog August Library in Wolfenbüttel in late 2017. They are mainly MS-Word files (.doc and .docx) - not sure how useful they are. And not using a sensible versioning control, they look a bit messy. I am not sure if I will do something about that or just leave the files as they are. All further updates will be done in the .xml file the publication is based on. I plan to submit a version 1.1 this year with some updates on new finds and some minor corrections (typos etc.) and a couple of new links, mainly to the four digital editions I submitted in spring to the Deutsches Textarchiv for archiving and publication.

I will also upload my other material for the Ethica-project, containing of .xml-files as well as the usual .doc and .docx. For future purposes, I will write plain text in a text editor instead of a word processor. Edition files will be in .xml. I am also considering publishing parts of the edition as a (printed) book and want to use LaTeX for that. I haven't decided, though.

Furthermore, I still toy with the idea of developing a description set for physical bibliography within the TEI framework - As far as I can see, the work in the working group on 'physical bibliography' has been discontinued some years ago and I haven't had the time to contribute much. Perhaps I can revisit some of the ideas from back then that could be used as basis for a formal proposal to TEI?

Descriptive Bibliography

Print Transmission and Dependencies

Physical Description (TEI)

Digital Scholarly Edition

Texts for the German Text Archive

Texts for the Studienausgabe

Textual Studies



Text Similarity



Read about the Ethica and related projects of mine on the Greflinger - Digitale Edition weblog.


Working bibliography can be found on Zotero (public, view only)


Repo for my large project on early modern German books on etiquette and good manners





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