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A repository for documenting my robotics projects


I'm fascinated by robots and robotics and I wanted to build robots for quite some time now. In 2015 I started my first building project when I found a DIY robot kit at a Conrad store in Leipzig/Germany during the annual Digital Humanities in the German-speaking Countries conference. I build it in one evening, learning soldering and some practical microelectronics alongside. I also became member of the Oslo-based robot club NorBot which has its headquarters at BitRaf, Oslo's biggest Hacker- and Makerspace. I contributed to NilBot, an autonomous racing robot that competed in May 2016 at the Swedish Championships in Gothenburg (Chalmers Campus). I have some more robot builds lined up, however, in the meantime I take classes in robotics via FutureLearn MOOC platform: "Begin Robotics" by University of Reading (Feb 2016) and "Teaching Physical Computing with Raspberry Pi and Python" by the Raspberry Pi Foundation (Feb 2017). I documented some of my robot projects on the NorBot Wiki and on my personal website.


Documentation of the most current robotics project is done on the wiki.


All code for the robotics projects can be found here.


Schematics for the circuit boards and wiring


Any images: drawings, CAD, photos


The name of the repo – robotronikk – is a trifold homage: first, to my home region, the Thuringian Forest, where during the German Democratic Republic-period a devision of the Kombinat Robotron factories was located. Second, it is a reference to my love for the Slavonic, especially the Russian language where the word 'robot' derived from the verb 'to work' comes from. Third, it makes use of a peculiarity of the Norwegian language (the language of my chosen home country) that ends words on k with a double hard consonant 'kk', like musikk, informatikk etc.