Data Visualization of the Titanic mortality counts by passenger class and gender. developed using D3.js and Dimple.js
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Titanic Visualization D3 Dimple

Data Visualization of the Survivorship on the Titanic

Summary: This data visualization was created using D3.js and Dimple.js. The dataset is a list of passengers from the Titanic and their specific characteristics. This visualization shows a count of passengers by class and sex, and if they survived or not. It is extremely interesting to discover that, by far, females survived more than males. 96.8% of First class female passengers survived, 92.1% of Second class female passengers survived, and with a big drop off, only 50% of Third class female passengers survived. Of the males, 36.8% of First class male passengers survived, 15.7% of Second class male passengers survived, and 13.5% of Third class male passengers survived. If you were lucky enough to be one of the First class passengers on the Titanic, your chances of survival were much higher.

Design: I created a stacked bar chart with passenger count on the y-axis and categorized the bar charts on the x-axis by passenger class and sex. I added a color category for survival to show how many passengers survived or did not survive.

Resources: Kaggle: Titanic