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This is Borkbot, a marginally more modern model of sporksbot by beez. Improvement include:

  • The old and unmaintained Net::IRC is replaced by Mojo::IRC.
  • Fully async bot operation using Mojo::IOLoop, Mojo::UserAgent, and Mojo::Pg.
  • YAML configuration.
  • Easier plugin authoring, with more descriptive IRC events and a simpler means of handling them.
  • Generally tidier code.

Instructions for running the bot:

  1. Install PostgreSQL server, if you haven't already, and create a user and database for borkbot.
  2. Load the schema contained in borkbot.sql.
  3. On your IRC network of choice, create a "control channel" whose members will have privileged access to the bot, and password-protect it.
  4. Copy borkbot.yaml.example to borkbot.yaml and edit it, setting the IRC server, bot nickname, and passwords appropriately. Add any additional modules you want loaded to the "modules" section.
  5. Run perl