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@@ -215,10 +215,18 @@
(reduce (partial merge-with concat) (map #(check-valid-file % adapter-library) valid-files)))
(defn- check-valid-files-overlap
+ "Given a sequence of succesfully parsed .gluer files, this function checks
+ whether any of the associations in all those files conflict. It returns a
+ sequence of error message, which might be empty if no overlap conflicts are
+ found."
+ ;; First, make a single list of all the associations, together with its file name.
+ ;; The symbol file-associations will refer to a sequence of filename-association pairs.
(let [file-associations (for [file valid-files
association (get-in file [:parsed :succes :associations :association])]
[(:file-name file) association])]
+ ;; Loop through the associations, and check overlap with all the other associations AFTER it.
+ ;; This way, no two associations are checked twice.
(loop [associations file-associations
errors-accum []]
(if-let [[this-file this-assoc] (first associations)]

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