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DEPRECATED (as of December 2016) Dockerfile for Mapzen's Valhalla router (w/Arogi mods)

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Dockerfile for Valhalla

This Dockerfile provides an easy way to build and deploy Mapzen's Valhalla, an open-source routing engine, without configuring the full Chef install.

Note to Contributors: Building a Docker image using ./ may create a conf directory in your local repo. If you make changes to the repo, make sure you do not push this redundant directory up to GitHub. The conf files are best accessed via: or

Not ready to mess with Docker or Chef? Mapzen provides hosted versions of these services under the names Turn-by-Turn, Matrix, and Elevation. Sign up for a free developer key at

Back to this Dockerfile: It defaults to using an OpenStreetMap extract of Trento, IT, but you can change this if you like, in the Dockerfile. Browse Mapzen's Metro Extracts service for other regions, and copy the URL for a OSM PBF-formatted extract.

To build the Docker image issue:


To run instead issue:

Tips for Running on a Mac

For easiest setup, use the Docker for Mac package, currently available for beta testing.

Increase resources available to Docker to at least 4 CPU cores and 4Gb RAM: Docker for Mac settings

If your container can't connect to to checkout libraries, you may need to edit your /etc/resolve.conf. For example, set your Mac WiFi to use Google's public DNS servers, as well as a local router:

sudo networksetup -setdnsservers Wi-Fi
Good to have in future:
  • A facility to load in a running container multiple OSM extracts.


DEPRECATED (as of December 2016) Dockerfile for Mapzen's Valhalla router (w/Arogi mods)






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