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Utility to keep track of teams, members, runners, and final score for a cross country meet.
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Cross Country Scoring Utility (CSSU) by Adam Rohacs is licensed under a GNU General Public License and is based on a work at

This is a python 2.7.x script and may not work correctly or at all when invoked by python 3. Please check your version by typing: python -V

This Python script and module will allow cross country race administrators to do many tasks, such as:

  • Keep track of races
  • Enter schools and team names
  • Enter runners names and their respective numbers
  • Keep track of placements in each race
  • Tally final points to declare a winning team

The menu style is borrowed from examples in Core Python Programming by Wesley Chun, and will eventually be replaced by a gui menu system.

The code is not 100% functional at this time, but I felt it necessary to publish the code under an open source license. Please feel free to log issues and to fork the software via the GPL License shown above and included in the source.


  • Make a gui menu system
  • Fix bugs
  • Rework dictionaries and lists so that data can be intermingled
  • Use classes for speed and expandibility
  • Integrate with a non-rel database
  • Network logic (upload data to web site or hub)
  • Web framework
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