A visualization program for the display, manipulation, and analysis of isolated molecules and periodic structures
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GDIS, Copyright (C) 2000-2015 by Sean Fleming, Andrew Rohl



This is free software. You are welcome to redistribute copies provided the conditions of the Version 2 GPL (GNU Public License) are met.

Although you are not required to do so, the authors would consider it a courtesy if you submit to them any changes you consider to be worthwhile. The goal would be to keep the development of GDIS more or less centralized.


To install GDIS from source you need a working C compiler, gtk+2 and gtkglext. You then simply type:


and follow the prompts. The script will check for the existence of gtk+2 and gtkglext and then compile GDIS. If you don't specify an install directory, the GDIS executable will be in the bin directory.


Some cool features of GDIS are entirely due to the hard work that has gone into creating the following packages:

  1. CDD for the computation of halfspace intersections (morphology display). ©Komei Fukuda

  2. GPeriodic for pretty Periodic Table display and editing. ©1999 Kyle R. Burton

  3. SgInfo for Space Group generator lookup. ©1994-96 Ralf W. Grosse-Kunstleve

  4. Brute force symmetry analyzer. ©1996 S. Pachkovsky

There are a few optional packages that enhance the GDIS experience.

  1. For rendering (and subsequent image/movie viewing) you will need:

  2. Although GDIS supports output files from a large number of codes, input files can be created and run within GDIS for: