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A clojure library for bypassing java protected fields
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A library for bypassing private & protect fields & methods on java classes. Extracted from old contrib. Derived from work by hiredman.


[clj-wallhack "1.0.1"]


Getting a field

(wall.hack/field :field obj)

This returns the private/protected field named "field", declared in class "" on instance obj. obj is an instanceof (or descendant of) class field can be anything named (a string, symbol or keyword).

Calling a method

(wall.hack/method :aMethodCall [Integer Double] obj 3 5.0)

This calls the private/protected method "aMethodCall" on obj. The method is declared in class obj is an instance of, or descendant of class the call takes a seq of classes that correspond to the method's signature, and an equal number of &rest arguments.

Pass nil instead of obj for static method calls.

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