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@@ -2,8 +2,10 @@ Lein-daemon is a lein plugin that starts a clojure process as a daemon. In versi
To use, add a :daemon option to your project.clj, it looks like
- :daemon { :name-of-service {:ns
- :pidfile ""}}
+ :daemon {:name-of-service {:ns
+ :pidfile ""}}
The keys of the daemon map are the names of services that can be started at the command-line. Start a process with "lein daemon start :name-of-service". pidfile specifies where the pid file will be written. This path can be relative to the project directory, or absolute.
@@ -11,9 +13,9 @@ Install
add lein-daemon to your leiningen project file, as a dev-dependency::
- ```clojure
:dev-dependencies [[lein-daemon "0.4.0"]]
- ```
lein-daemon requires JNA to load the C standard library, so if you're using an uncommon JVM, you might need to install JNA on your box. If you're running Hotspot, you're probably fine.

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