Arduino and Android classes to easily connect your mobile device with an Arduino board
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Android with Arduino - Bluetooth

Arduino and Android classes to easily connect your mobile device with an Arduino board. With the example bellow, we can send a message to Android using Arduino. Read more here:

I had tested this lib with BC417 module, but I believe that this class works with major part of modules, because all of them use the same protocol. If you test other module, working or not, please, just start a new issue here to help me. If you have any problem, start an issue here too that I will try to help you.

Android Example (Using Processing)

    import com.aronbordin.*;

    /*make sure to use the same name of the robot. 
    And check if it's paired with your device */
    BluetoothArduino mBlue = BluetoothArduino.getInstance("ExampleRobot");

    void setup(){

    void draw(){
      String msg = mBlue.getLastMessage();
      text(msg, 100, 100);  


Arduino Example

    #include <SoftwareSerial.h>
    #include "bluetooth.h"

    Bluetooth *blue = new Bluetooth("ExampleRobot");

    void setup(){

    void loop(){
        String msg = blue->Read();
        if(msg.length() > 1){
            Serial.print("Received: ");

            blue->Send("Example message#");

Arduino class reference

int getrxPin(); Get the RX Pin

void setrxPin(int rx); Set the RX Pin

int gettxPin(); Get the TX Pin

void settxPin(int tx); Set the TX Pin

void setupBluetooth(); Run it on setup(). It will configure all bluetooth prefenreces for you. After run it, you cannot change any settings of your bluetooth, like pin, or name

Bluetooth(char name[]); Create a Bluetooth object with the name

Bluetooth(char name[], int r, int t); Create a Bluetooth object with the name and pins

String Read(); Read char by char the data receive

void Send(char c[]); Send a string to any connected deive

char *getName(); Get the device name

void setName(char c[]); Set the device name

Android class reference

Important! This class will read char by char until get the delimiter char(a char that represents the end of the string). By default is '#', but you can chage it with setDelimiter(char d);

BluetoothArduino getInstance(String n); Get/Create a Bluetooth instance with the robot name. The name provided will be used in the connection

boolean isBluetoothEnabled(); Check if the device bluetooth is enabled

boolean Connect(); Connect to the Arduino board.

boolean hasMensagem(int i); Check if had already received a message

String getMenssage(int i); Get the Message by ID

void clearMessages(); Clear all messages

int countMessages(); Count messages

String getLastMessage(); Get the last message received

void SendMessage(String msg); Send a message to the Arduino

char getDelimiter(); Get the end message character

void setDelimiter(char d); Set the end message character