Python and Kivy tutorials. Focusing in Mobile development with Python and Android. Read more:
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Python and Kivy tutorials. Focusing in Mobile development with Python and Android(Compatible but not tested with iOS. Read more: Welcome!


I’m going to write a simple tutorial series for mobile development with Python. I’ll be using Android, but feel free to use Android or iOS. It’s a short tutorial, just to help you to understand and learn how to work with Python for Mobile.

I – About the tutorials

I’ll show you how to use each mobile API, like compass, camera, sensors, sound, and others. After the API, we will start to test some Python libs, as PyGame and OpenCV. I’m using Android with buildozer, but some libs are compatible with iOS too(I’ll tell you when it’s compatible), so if you test it, send a feedback if possible.

I’ll show a sample app using each mobile feature, and after the features, powerful Python libs, as PyGame and OpenCV. When I finish all the tutorial, you will be able to develop almost any app with Python.

To be able to read all the tutorials, please follow my blog( or subscribe your email to get updates.

II - Prerequisites

Before start, you can check this links to configure all the prerequisites:

How to build Python application for Android / iOS and Desktop:

[Tutorial] Android development with Python and Kivy – Introduction:

[Tutorial] How to build Python for Android with Ubuntu and Buildozer:

III – Index

You will be able to get the links for all tutorials here, I’ll be updating when a new tutorial is published.

1 - Using the accelerometer

2 - Taking a picture

3 - User interface with Kivy Designer

4 - How to use Android Studio to find Python and Kivy errors

5 - Cross platform game development with Python - Desktop, iOS and Android

6 - Saving and reading user data

7 - PyJNIus – Using Android native classes to start an Intent