NSUserActivity for Siri Shortcut in Objective C
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NSUserActivity for Siri Shortcut in Objective C

These are the steps to create a Siri Shortcut using Objective C. Very easy and quick on iOS12

1: Enable Siri in Capabilities tab of your project.

2: Add the Intents framework in the Linked Frameworks and Libraries tab. Under target->General

3: In the project plist, add an entry: NSUserActivityTypes with string = project bundle ID.activity name. For example: com.awesomeapps.myawesomeapp.myactivity

4: Create a NSUserActivity. Set two variables to true, setEligibleForSearch and setEligibleForPrediction. Make it current once.

This will make it available to Siri.

For example: (k_activityID is your bundle ID+activity name For example: com.awesomeapps.myawesomeapp.myactivity)

NSUserActivity *theActivity = [[NSUserActivity alloc]initWithActivityType:k_activityID]; theActivity.title = @"Run Me"; [theActivity setEligibleForSearch:true]; [theActivity setEligibleForPrediction:true]; theActivity.persistentIdentifier = k_activityID; theActivity.suggestedInvocationPhrase = @"Run Me"; self.view.userActivity = theActivity; [theActivity becomeCurrent];

5:Handle the activiy in: -(BOOL)application:(UIApplication *)application continueUserActivity:(NSUserActivity *)userActivity restorationHandler:(void (^)(NSArray<id> * _Nullable))restorationHandler You can query the userActivity.title to verify the activity.

if ([theActivity.title isEqualToString:k_activityID]){ // do the activity


6: In settings app->Siri you will be able to see your Shorcuts and record a command to execute them.