Informed Search/Reinforcement Learning Agents for Flappy Bird
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Flaippy Bird 101

Flappy Bird 101


  • Flappy Bird is a wildly successful game released for iPhone in 2014. This project examines AI solutions to the game along the lines of reinforcement learning and informed search. For a detailed description of the project, read our white paper in this repository.

Getting started

  • Make sure you've got PyGame 1.9+ installed and are running Python 2.7+. You may also need to update your PC's package of libpng.
  • For a demo of the TD-lambda learner on pre-trained weights, run python -d.
  • Note that training can take a while (esp. as the agent gets better and each episodes lasts longer). Our best performing agent was trained for well over 6 hours.

RL Statespace

  • 10 by 10 grid of 10 by 10 units immediately in front of the next gap.
  • More than 50 above or below the gap, the y-discretization increases to 100.
  • 100 horizontal units before the next gap the x-discretization increases to 100.
  • Vertical velocity [-10, -9, ... , 9, 10].


  • Clean up command line args and general IO.
  • shouldn't exist.
  • Make not totally awful.
  • Consolidate and clean up code. A lot is split between multiple files.
  • Those global variables and constants though...
  • The Q Learner commits suicide when prospects look grim. Work on getting it to be risky and aim for the gap even when failure is certain.