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Customise your dialogs the new way
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Custom Dialogs

Basic useful feature list:

  • Create simple dialog box.
  • Customise colors, buttons, position on screen.
  • Change dim value and transparency of the dialog box.
  • Modify Text, images as if handling a TextView or ImageView.
  • Auto-dismiss
  • Block clicks outside the dialog box.


  • Download the library customdialogs

  • Create an object of class CustomDialogs

    CustomDialogs.OnButtonClickListener positiveButton = new CustomDialogs.OnButtonClickListener() {
            public void onButtonClick() {
            //customize what happens on the button click!
                Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "Positive Button Clicked!", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
            public boolean dismissOnClick() {
            // return true if the dialog dismisses on button click
            // else false
                return true;
    CustomDialogs dialog = CustomDialogs(context, "message",, "positiveButtonText", positiveButton);

    For creating dialog boxes without an image, use the following constructor:

    CustomDialogs noImageDialog = new CustomDialog (Context context, String message, String positiveButtonText, OnButtonClickListener onPositiveClickListener);
  • Add negative and neutral buttons by creating objects negeativeButton and neutralButton of the interface CustomDialogs.OnButtonClickListener, then call

    dialog.enableNeutralButton("Neutral", neutralButton);
    dialog.enableNegativeButton("-ve", negativeButton);

    Add a negative button before creating a neutral button.

  • To make the dialog box transparent make the following call to the method:

  • Set the dim value (outside the dialog). value is a float from 0 to 1f

  • Auto dismiss dialog box after after t secs

    dialog.dismissAfter(t * 1000);
  • Position dialog box

     dialog.positionDialog(DialogGravity.START);  // to align dialog to the left of the screen  		  
     dialog.positionDialog(DialogGravity.END);    // to align dialog to the right of the screen  		  
  • Change Background

       dialog.setBackground(Drawable drawableBackground);
       // to set a speccific color use
       dialog.setBackground(new ColorDrawable(Color.rgb(66, 244, 167))); 
       // plug in the the RGB values of the required color.
       // or: 
       dialog.setBackground(new ColorDrawable(Color.argb(255, 66, 244, 167)));
       // the first parameter is the alpha value [0, 255]
  • Block clicks outside the Dialog

  • Displaying the dialog;
  • To customize the message, image and buttons make the following method calls after displaying the dialog box:

      ImageView dialogImage = dialog.getImageDrawable();
      TextView dialogMessage = dialog.getMessage();
      TextView positiveButtonTV = dialog.getPositiveButton();
      TextView neutralButtonTV = dialog.getNeutralButton();
      TextView negativeButtonTV = dialog.getNegativeButton();
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