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This repo is meant to serve as a basics for how to get up and running with CPSign using the API.

Current supported versions

  • 1.4.1 : Tag v1.4.1, HEAD of Master branch
  • 1.2.0 : Tag v1.2.0
  • 1.0.0 : Tag v1.0.0

How to set it up

1. Download CPSign Jar-file

Current and old versions are available at CPSign Downloads.

2. Get your license

Contact Aros Bio to get your license, see more information at the CPSign Documentation.

3. Clone/fork this repo

If your are using git; clone or fork this repository. In Eclipse, right click and chose "Import..." -> "Git/Projects from Git" -> "Existing local repository" (or "Clone URI" and paste the URI of this repository).

Otherwise download the project as zip-file from the downloads page. Once you have the source, import it in your editor. In Eclipse, right click and chose "Import..." -> "Existing Projects into Workspace" and in the next window chose "Select archive file" and browse to the zip-file you downloaded. Chose the project (should only be one) and press "Finish".

4. Add the CPSign-jar and edit

Once set up in your IDE, there will be complaints about a missing required libraries, which is the CPSign-jar that you should have downloaded in step 1 above. The project .classpath refers to lib/cpsign-[version].jar, either resolve it by creating a lib-folder and adding your version of the jar-file to it (and possibly change the classpath if your version differs compared to the one used here) or simply change the classpath to point to your existing jarfile. The classpath also refers to JUnit 4.12 and hamcrest 1.3-core that is needed to run the "test class" found under test/ Either remove these references from the class path or add the missing jars for the project to compile correctly.

Before you can run the project, you will have to point the Config file (src/examples/utils/ to your license(s), at least a standard license will be needed, (you might need to make changes in case you have a different license type).

5. Run and enjoy

Now you should be fully set up and everything should be running without any problems.

Who do I talk to?

Do you have any further issues, refer to the CPSign Documentation or contact Aros Bio


Shows examples of using CPSign from the Java API






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