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from __future__ import with_statement
from fabric.api import *
from local_settings import FABRIC_USER, FABRIC_HOSTS
env.user = FABRIC_USER # user
env.hosts = FABRIC_HOSTS # ['']
def deploy():
with cd('/home/musicinbox/music-inbox'):
sudo('git pull', user='musicinbox')
sudo('/home/musicinbox/.virtualenvs/music-inbox/bin/pip install -r REQUIREMENTS', user='musicinbox')
run('/home/musicinbox/.virtualenvs/music-inbox/bin/python syncdb')
run('rsync -a --delete assets /home/musicinbox/public/')
run('chmod -R 755 /home/musicinbox/public')
def restart_celery():
run('supervisorctl restart celery celerybeat')
def restart_uwsgi():
run('supervisorctl restart uwsgi:*')
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